Sunday, April 15, 2012

Letter to my 15 Year Old Self

I read something recently about writing a letter to yourself in the past. I decided that this was an awesome idea. So here is my letter to myself.

Dear 15 Year Old Savannah,

Hi! It is me, well you, from the future. I just wanted to tell you a few things & give you a few pointers for the next ten years.

First of all, you are skinny. That stomach that you hate so much (because your hip bones don't stick out as far as they did when you were 13), those thighs that you wish were thinner...well they aren't here anymore. Stop eating all that junk food - and working out actually means going to the gym! I know its confusing. By the way, while at work, stop eating all the ice cream. Mom was right, it will catch up to you.

Speaking of Mom, she is right more than you know. I know, it sucks, her telling you that she is right and that one day you will realize it...well...she was right. Stop fighting her all the time, she is just trying to do her job. Tell her you love her a little more and spend time with her. She will miss you in the future, when you have a job and school to worry about. You will miss her too, even though you would NEVER admit it.

Thank Mom & Dad for everything they do for you. Come to find out, they have given up a lot for you to be able to do the things you love. Even 10 years later, they are still paying your car insurance. Thank them. They deserve it.

High school isn't everything and the quicker you realize that - the better. Anything that happens in high school doesn't matter in the real world. NO ONE - and I mean NO ONE - cares about who you were in high school. Enjoy it while you can, because in 10 years you will miss it. Responsibility sucks. You will regret all those times you said "I can't wait until I am in my 20's and doing whatever I want!".

So, that boy you are madly in love with...he hurts you. No you won't marry him, even though right now you think that you will. He will make your heart hurt in ways you have never thought possible. You will experience your first heartbreak with him. His selfish ways will cause you to not trust people the same way. It will cause you to build a wall - BUT there is awesome news!! You will meet someone who is great for you. He loves you for you. He doesn't mind when you act like a complete idiot. He is funny, charming and he pushes you to be your best.  Best of all, he is taller than you! Don't fight him so much. You are only trying to protect yourself, but you will push him away. Don't worry, he stays with you through the hard times & loves you no matter what.

Also, you will meet your best friends in college (you have some great ones now, but wait until you meet your new ones! They are crazy!). Your very best friend is amazing. She is always there for matter what. Even when you show up randomly, crying on her doorstep, she will be there. She is great. Don't let that friendship go. She is a true friend, who will be there through it all.

College is different. You will hate it & love it all at the same time. You will move home and spend 4 years trying to figure it out. You won't figure crap out, but go ahead and make yourself happy, and pursue your dreams.

You are going to have some hard times ahead of you.  You are very lucky to have family & friends who support your decisions. Try to stay as positive as possible. Don't stop smiling. Cry when you need to. You will have a very interesting next ten years.


25 Year Old Savannah

P.S. DON'T get that credit card when you are 20! You will regret it!! (Something else Mom was right about!!)

Monday, January 2, 2012

I have too much going on for the world to end...

I wasn't looking forward to 2012, but then the ball dropped, we threw confetti everywhere, and I kissed Jake...and it was here. No looking back now; I couldn't turn back the clock. The main reason for the fear of 2012? I turn 25. I'm still not sure if I am ready to accept the fact that I will be half way to 50. However, I am determined to make 2012 a great year. I have a lot of big things happening to me this year. Here are a three goals that I have set for myself:

1. Look/ Feel my best by March 27th. Yep, that is the day. I can't stop myself from turning another year older, but I can look & feel my best when I do. During the holidays I really slacked off and ate horrible, didn't work out as much as I should, and now I need to reverse any damage I might have caused. My goal: I am going to start eating healthy (again), bring my lunch to school, and workout 5 times and week.

2. Finish school and feel confident about it. There are so many days that I want to burst into tears and run out the doors at school. Cosmetology school is hard. To learn so much in such a short amount of time is exhausting and frustrating - BUT I need to start building more confidence in my abilities. My goal: To complete 6 things of progress a day.

3. Save Money! I love shopping, but I HAVE to cut back. My goal: Save at least $10 a month.

Oh, and one last small blog more! I have a feeling that 2012 is going to give me a lot to blog about! Happy New Year everyone!